Post-conviction Sex Offender

Model Policy Documents

Model Policy - alternate - 3-18-09

Model Policy - alternate - 3-18-09 (.pdf document)

Model Policy - alternate - 3-18-09 (.doc Word document)

Model Policy (alternate) 2-19-09

Model Policy (alternate) 2-19-09 - .pdf document

Model Policy (alternate) 2-19-09 - word document

Model Policy (alternate) 1-11-09

PCSOT materials

PCSOT Training for Colorado SCOA 2-19-09

PCSOT Questions and questionable questions

PSCOT Questions and questionable question (pdf handout 2-19-08)

PCSOT Basics - Maricopa County 9-15-08

PCSOT Basics - pdf handout 9-15-08

PCSOT Structured Interviewing - Maricopa 9-15-08

PCSOT Targets and Questions - Maricopa 9-15-08

Colorado Polygraph Standards (adult)
Colorado Polygraph Standards (juvenile)

Colorado Polygraph Appendix (juvenile)

Colorado Polygraph Quality Assurance Protocol

Colorado QC Protocol Appendix

Colorado standard 5.7 Parental Risk Assessment

Colorado PRA Decision Flow Chart